I Confess

After the moms read my blog yesterday, I got in trouble. They said Dakota is really sweet and I shouldn't fib to my blogging friends.

So I decided to confess. Although Dakota is somewhat evil, we were just playing yesterday. Here are some more pictures from the fight, where you can see that I am a tough boxer - not afraid of a girly lab. I always have the upper hand. Do you see her flailing in desperation?

So don't worry blogger buddies, you don't need to save me from Dakota unless someone spills some gravy on me. The only contest Dakota could win against me is an eating contest. That girl has a true gift for eating.


MJ's doghouse said...

I wish i had a sister or brother...my mommy keeps saying maybe we will get me one...i just keep waiting..you are lucky to have dakota cubby....

Zach said...

I didn't believe it for a minute ... all of us with siblings know about the bared teeth routine, LOL.