Saying Goodbye

Cubby's mom here:

It's been a rough day. I hate to type this, but Cubby passed away today. He said to tell you all, thanks for the memories. He had a wonderful life with Dakota and his moms. We miss him terribly.

You have all been very supportive of his rescue efforts over the years. He thanks you for that. If you have a dollar or two to spare, please send a donation in his memory to Legacy Boxer Rescue.  http://www.savetheboxers.com/donate.php

He worked hard all these years, doing home visits, teaching people about boxers, and loving his mothers.

Rest in peace, little old man.  We'll never forget you.


Acceptable Tribute

I guess I have to admit that my moms made an acceptable tribute to my birthday.  In addition to the half Cheeto, I got this pile of loot.  The eyeballs under the arrow were not part of my loot.  They were trying to steal my loot.

Speaking of stealing, the hedgehog now has a big hole in its back.  I guess Dakota didn't realize she could get the eggs out through the hole on the bottom.  She is so dumb.

Auntie Rhonda came to visit me for my big day.  She gave me one of those cookies with sprinkles and lots of kisses!  I love you, Auntie Rhonda!

These salmon strips were super-delicious, and delightfully smelly.  They get two thumbs up in my book.  Even better than Cheetos!

I was thrilled when the moms started making eggs after they ate supper.  Eggs for me!

Mom promised she would put some feet cheese on my eggs, and she came through (I humor her when she calls it that. Silly mom.).

I got to lick the spatula after the eggs were ready!  Num num num num...

Almost egg time! Mom has to get artsy with the eggs.  That doesn't bother me, but why do I have to share everything with Dakota on MY birthday?  Notice the little pieces of cheese on top of the eggs?  Yay!

These eggs are scrumptious!  Even though my poor baby leg hurts because of that darn puppy (notice how I'm holding it out to the side so the moms feel bad), I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday!


Oh, things are looking up!  We got cookies with sprinkles! Yummy!

My Big Day

Today is my 12th birthday! So far, my big birthday has included a Cheeto.  Mom, I loved the Cheeto, but you can do more.

I know they bought some lovely fishy treats yesterday - I can smell them in the closet.  Time to break out the fishiness. Here fishyfishyfishy...

I have to shout out to my friends Dudley and Roxy for taking that evil puppy, Boppy, away from here. He is now busy terrorizing Dudley instead of Dakota. Dakota and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I think we have finally convinced the moms once and for all that we are too old for puppies, but I plan to start limping any time they even say the word puppy just to be safe.


Even Dakota Agrees

This little puppy, named Boppy, will not be staying at our house very long.  He must be adopted out ASAP.  Just watch how bad he is...

See, now what kind of heathen would use an old black dog as a launching pad? Probably the same one that used me as bowling pins yesterday.

Boppy was running across the porch with wet feet, slipped, and slid right through my feet. I really gave him the business for that, believe me.


The Moms Have Lost It...

...if they think I am going to let this thing stay here.


Storm Storm Go Away

Silly Dakota is ready for these spring storms to pass. Here she is with her BearBear taking the high ground...


Party at My Place!

I knew something funny was going on this morning when the moms got up early and started rearranging furniture.  I was sure surprised when people started coming in the house.  First Grammy came.  Then my cousin Ashley and her beau, Gary.  Then lots of people came over!  And little tiny dogs!

These are my cousins Chip, Cookie, and Kitty.  They played in my personal dog park while all the people talked and ate and talked some more.  The most fun part of the day was when we got a visit from the evil, daring squirrel.  My cousins settled in to watch the squirrel and help us catch him.

We had him treed where he would never get past us.  He was totally doomed!  He would come down the tree to see if he could make it to the fence, and we would rush him back up.  But then he spent some time up at the top of the tree hiding, and SOME OF US started getting bored and losing focus.  The squirrel started heading back down, and the people were encouraging him to make a break for it!  

Suddenly, he made a run for it!  There were only two of us standing guard, and we made a dash to grab him! We were all stunned when the squirrel made it through the doggie gauntlet and to the fence!

We did a lot of fussing after that, but our chance at squirrel-catching greatness was gone.  He was on the fence taunting us, but there was nothing we could do...

...next time, Evil Squirrel...next time...


My Walkabout

I had quite the adventure yesterday, courtesy of my VERY irresponsible mom.  We had a spring storm last week (very scary for Dakota), complete with hail and high winds.  The storm did quite the number on our fence (and mom's tomato plants - she's still whining).

The moms were very careful all week, insisting that they go outside with us, even though we carefully avoided the broken fence.  What you can't see from the picture is that the bottom of the fence was flapping in the breeze!

We stayed well away from that flapping demon until yesterday...

The good and responsible mom went off to Legacy Boxer Rescue's adoption fair, leaving me and Dakota in the unreliable hands of the feckless mom.  We went out in the backyard to wait for Uncle Stephen to come help us fix the fence.  Mom was out there, too - sealing the new fence panel, and ignoring me and Dakota.  

The wind picked up and flapped the fence up, and then something amazing happened!  The fence didn't go back down!  It lodged on a broken picket.  I went to investigate, looked over at mom - still ignoring me - and stepped through the magical portal!

Incredibly, the neighbor's fence had fallen completely down in the front of his yard, and I could smell my freedom!  I heard a little noise behind me and turned around.  It was Dakota - sticking her head through the fence and alerting mom to my escape!  TRAITOR!

I rushed toward my freedom, turned the corner out of view of mom and Dakota - I knew I could make it - when I heard my poor incompetent mom's panicked cry - "CUBBY!"  "Cubby! Cubby! Cubby!"  I took a few more steps toward liberty, but in the end, I could not break my poor mother's heart. I turned around and headed back through the magic portal and into my mom's arms.  I got to meet my pretty neighbor Golden, Zoey, on the way back in.

Now I just look past the bars on my window, dreaming of the wild I knew for only a brief moment...

I hope mom enjoyed the movie of her life flashing before her eyes during my walkabout!