Our New Cat

Oh sorry!

It's not a cat - it's Dakota!

What is she doing? This is a cat move, maybe a small dog move, but definately not a chubby 85 pound lab-with-a-bad-back move! She is going to kill herself, or worse, me! Imagine that wide load falling on you from above!

Dakota, once again proving that I am the best one!


Dachsies Rule said...

Hey Dakota,
Great move! I love to get on the back of the couch even though Mom always tells me to get down. No one understands how nimble and balanced we are!


mary ann said...

That's exactly what I would do... grab the camera instead of helping her down immediately.

Cubby said...

Well, she didn't need any help down. She jumped right down on her own, just like she jumped up.

Zach said...

I didn't know Dakota was a circus dog! You never warm up on the tightrope you know.