Meet Clover

Meet Clover! She is the cutest little doll ever! How could she be looking for a home? Believe it or not, she is! And you could be the lucky new parent.

She is in a Legacy Boxer Rescue foster home waiting to be adopted, and she loves her four foster siblings (two kids and two pups). She is always begging them to play. She is a young girl - probably just under a year, so she is very active (duh - she's a boxer!).

Her foster mom says Clover is half cat. She can jump to high places and balance on the smallest of tables. She bats balls around the house with her hiney in the air, amusing herself and everyone else.

Clover asked me to give you a message:

"I hope to find my forever home very soon. I have so much love and attention to give a family of my own. I can't wait to find them - hope it's you! Just ignore what you've heard about me. I would never stick my head into YOUR drip pan, getting grease all over my head, and I wouldn't think of jumping into YOUR bubble bath without warning!"

Read more about Clover or apply to adopt her.


Cairo The Boxer said...

Awww it's a white boxer. My mommy loves white boxers. I know she will find a wonderful home.

Zach said...

Hey - she looks like Ellie - another white boxer! I hope she finds a home soon - she sure looks like a happy puppy!

Charlie The Big Dog said...

I hope she finds a real good home soon, and gets a blog of her very own!

Its our right as dogs to have stupid humans bring us food twice daily, and then make fun of their funny shaped heads and "Freak-Paws" on our blogs.

Luv Chuck

Isabella said...

Ah, she is a cutie! But her name should be Pinkie- she's all white hair and pink skin and she needs a pink collar like mine. I wish she could come live with me- I need a buddy. Anyway, as cute as she is, I bet she finds a terrific home right away.
Big Wags,

Sarah said...

Oh my God, what an adorable white boxer!!! She is co cute!

And the ears... oh her cute little ears. Flying Nun!

I hope she finds a wonderful home because she really deserves it.

Cal the Wonderdog said...

Great dogs should have great homes. I have a feeling this one will find one fast! So much personality in that face.


Jane said...

check out my puppy pics on my site!

Jill said...

Thanks for the visit. Hope you are doing well. Lady and I will be thinking of you.