Too Hot!

It is too hot! Hot hot hot!

Even on our midnight walk it is too hot! Sprinkler nights are fun, but the nights without sprinklers are unbearable! Dakota has it the worst. All those acres of chubbiness covered by long black hair...she refuses to go outside during the day half the time.

We're going to Grammy's house today. I can't wait to see my cousin, Dude! The moms are going to the pet fair. Maybe they'll bring home some pictures for me. I must go lie down. It's very hot, you know.


Cairo The Boxer said...

Sorry it's so hot! Mom and dad are going to Argentina this Wed (moms cuz is getting married) then they are going to Pategonia (calafate) in the middle of winter! Mom has been checking the weather and in Calafate it's currently 21 degrees! I will make sure to have mom send you ice.

Tigersan said...

Yes, for some reason, it always gets hot this time of year... me still trying to figure out this weather pattern thing ;)

Eat the ice, stay indoors, do what must be done to stay cool!

Hang in there!

Boxerlady said...

Its been so hot here too! We even had a water ban because there was no rain! That means no sprinklers or mommy filling up the pool! A few trips to the lake cures that though!!
Charlie and Coco