Mom on Dakota

I sneaked a peek at mom's email today, and I saw something that she wrote about my sister, Dakota. I laughed my head off. It's so true, especially the poopy and sticker foot! Mom shouldn't be so funny.

She begs for food incessantly (will stick her head into your bowl or plate, will walk on the table, will claw your arm in a fervent 'shake'), sheds tons of long black hair and will also give kisses right on the mouth! She is also very adept at acquiring poopy foot and sticker foot. She stepped in gum last week too.

Karma is now coming back on mom. We didn't get to go on a midnight walk tonight. Mom is so sick - I feel sorry for her. She has a fever and she just wants to sleep, but she can't. Dakota and I were very good today until other mommy got home to take care of her. Get well soon, mom!


Isabella said...

Be good for your mom until she is all well. Humans are fragile and we have to baby them sometimes. I hope she is all well soon.
Big Wags,

Zach said...

If you can blog you should be able to cook too ... maybe you can make some chicken soup for your Mom. I would but I'm too short to reach the stove.

Anonymous said...

Aww poor Mom. Make sure you and Dakota take good care of her and give her lots of kisses on the mouth. Feel better!!

Rhonda, Buster, Maggie and Suagr

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey, what do you expect ? She's a labrador :-) Sounds very much like me and Charlie - nothing wrong with that :-)