The moms went to the Bow Wow Bowl (a fundraiser for Legacy Boxer Rescue) today. They left with all of my cookies and came back with no cookies, and smelling like some other dog! If dogs were allowed, why didn't I get to go?

They admitted after a thorough sniffing that Sugar was there. Sugar is one of LBR's fosters. She lives with two of my favorite LBR volunteers, Rhonda and Doug. Rhonda always kisses boxers right in the face - I love that. Here's a picture of Sugar.

She is even cuter in person, so my moms tell me. She is only a puppy, but she was very good at the bowling alley.

So anyway, Jennifer, the cool Cubby-sitter stayed with us during the Bow Wow Bowl. She is cool. When the moms FINALLY got home, they decided to go off to the grocery store, leaving me and Dakota home alone. I showed them. Not only did I throw up while they were gone, but I also got slobber all over Dakota - her nose and her back! It was pretty funny. Wanna see?


Dana said...

Oh Cubby! You think Rhonda likes to kiss on the face, you just wait till I get to meet you. I spent the day smooching a handsome boxer named Domino. Hope to meet you one day! And don't worry, I have a feeling the mommies will be baking again soon. Next week in National Shelter Appreciation Week, and they bake for local shelter workers.

Cairo The Boxer said...

Cubby, are you feeling better?

Good work on Dakota...hee hee hee

fee said...

wow, that looks like snow on dakota! what did you make them with?


Isabella said...

Hee Hee! That's even better than throwing up on the couch. I wish we had another dog so I could throw up on it.
Happy Halloween!

Studly Dudley said...


That's my bro.. when the boo-mans are gone, we show 'em who's boss.. cuz we both have slobbery jowls!! Does your Mum clean your face for you after you drink water or eat food? Mum follows me around with paper towels anytime I drink.. I slosh a lot.. we should make a club or something.


PS - it's a good thing it was drool that got on Dakota and not barfies!

Charlie The Big Dog said...

Hey Cubby & Dakota,

Happy Howl-Oween!

Rhonda said...

Awww, thanks Cubby! I love those kisses. :-) Rhonda