Trip to Dude's House

We went to my cousin Dude's house today to get the Christmas pictures taken. We had a great time. Dakota got to come, too! She was a little too much for Dude, though. She really wanted to play with him, but whenever she went toward Dude, he hightailed it for higher ground. He wanted nothing to do with her giant black self! Doesn't he look handsome in Grammy's lap? Her robe makes a great background!

Dakota and I played tug-of-war with a stuffy, and once I got tired, Dakota got to play an endless game of almost-fetch with mom. She never quite brings the stuffy back all the way. We also got to see Aunt Ashley (she doesn't like big dogs, but I LOVE her) and Uncle Brock. It was a very tiring day, and I am going right back to bed now. Nightie-nite!


Bond said...

Hi Cubby, Looks like you had a fun day playing !

Congrats on being nominated! You are cool! :)

Sam Iam said...

Congrats on being nominated!How cool is that .sniff-sniff

Lot's of Lick's

Cairo The Boxer said...

Sounds like a great day. I went to my grandpa house yesterday. I had fun too.

Chelsea said...

Wow, you are really good at tug of war.

I would love to cast my vote for your pic but, as you know my Mama voted for me and used up her one time vote. I still hope we can be friends


threecollie said...

What a busy day. I would be pooped too. lol

Isabella said...

Aren't tug-a-war with stufies just the funnest? Emmy and I have tore all of ours up. My Human needs to do some mending.
Big Wags,