Dakota is a Scaredy-Cat

We have a new problem in Cubby World, and her name is Dakota! Dakota just turned five years old, and she has recently developed a fear of thunderstorms. We don't really understand why.
It all started when we had a thunderstorm and lightning hit something very close to our place. It was very loud and it also knocked out our cable, which made the TV turn to snow. Dakota hates that very loud snow sound on the TV. She is sensitive to loud noises of any kind. So it was a double whammy of scary loud noises. She acted scared and crazy through that whole storm.
To our dismay, when the next storm hit last week, Dakota once again went into panic mode. She kept trying to sit on the back of the couch like a cat, which means she was half-sitting on the table, too! Not a popular choice with the moms.

As you can see, they even tried putting a t-shirt on her. They learned that trick from Meeshka's mom. It had little affect on my Dakota. They finally had to put her in her crate to settle Her Freakiness down. But like a dutiful boy, when mom opened the door of the crate and told Dakota to go to bed, I went in. Then, Miss Big came in after me and mom shut the door. Dakota's crate is not big enough for both of us, and I don't sit in a crate with the door shut, even by myself.

Even though mom let me right out (after taking the picture), I was not happy. I am thinking the next time the thunder starts, maybe I'll just bite Dakota. The pain should distract her from her fear, since the shirt did not. She needs to remember that I am the one with the anxiety problem, and she should not try to usurp my issue. If I let this continue, next she'll be slobbering on ME when the moms leave the house. Not acceptable!


Jill said...

Poor Baby! Daisy doesn't like storms either. But, if you really want to upset her, set off fireworks. That drives Daisy nuts.

Give kisses to Dakota for us!

Arfs and Love

Lady and Daisy

Cairo The Boxer said...

Poor Dakota. I wonder what is freaking her out?? I know it is the noise but if she never has done this something must have happened.

I hope she starts to feel better very soon.

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Hehe, Cubby do u think that maybe Dakota is pretending to get back to you for err ur bullying ways...haha.

Hmmm, on a serious note maybe something happened and that is why now she so scared of loud noises. MAybe u sit beside her and giver some licks. That should calm her down..better still hug her?

Holly said...

Hey there! I just wanted to say thanks for the Christmas card!

And, I'm sure Meeshka would be happy to know she is not the only one tortured by "the shirt"!!


Ben_Benjamin said...

hi Cubby, Mommy said Im weird coz tunderstorm or fireworks is not a problem to me....I just stay calm...mayb u should lock Dakota outside the house let her, force her to face with those sound then she can handle her phobia..haha
(sshhss...dont tell Dakota that I teach u this k...or else she gonna hate me)


Boo said...

hey cubby,

have you told mommy to give dakota some calming pill? maybe that helps! i think your mama should get some of those for emergency like last week.

wet wet licks


Charlie The Big Dog said...

I know how Dakota feels - I dont like those loud Kaboomies either, theyre REALLY STUPID and serve no purpose!
I LOVE rain though - you can stand in puddles you know, life just doesnt get any better :-)

threecollie said...

Gael hates storms too. When we lived in the other house she hid in the bathtub (if she couldn't get in someone's bed and sit on their head that is). When we moved up here it didn't take her long to find the new tub and jump right in. lol. She is content in her crate though when it storms..thankfully!

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Ahem, I may be a big dog but I just dog-dang hate fireworks and other loud crap like that.

Hurts my ears.

I also howl when I hear ambulance or police sirens.

So what I'm saying is, Cubby, that I can relate to Dakota's, ummmmm, issue.

Be kind, doog, be kind. Maybe you could slobber on her, that'd distract her. Or steal her toys. Or her dinner. (Oooh, now that's nasty, hee hee hee).

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Pippin the flyball dog said...

Poor Dakota--Our favorite trainer has a dog that freaks out about storms (and he starts worrying about it when he notices the pressure change). She tried lots and lots of behavioral mods, but in the end, she had to use some medication. That makes it much better for him. We're not big medicators at our house, but anxiety is sure not something to fool around with too much.

Maybe try wrestling with her first before biting her--you know she feels bad...

See ya

Joe Stains said...

I tend to go kind of nuts during storms too, and it only started in the last 3 years (I am 7)

One time I jumped right up on the kitchen table!!

Ronak said...

uh oh! i don't think violence and biting are the solution! I was scared of storms at first too... 'til the girl acted like nothing was up... then I figured... nothing was up.