Day Five - Sparkly Ball

Yesterday, we went my mom's Aunt Lynn's ranch for Christmas lunch. The moms had a good time, while I got to wait in the car. I did get to come out several times and sniff around and meet relatives, including Uncle Merle, who really loved me. He told me about his old Boston Terrier named Mack, who could never bark without his front feet leaving the ground. I also saw a Longhorn, even though it was from a distance. It had huge horns, so I thought I should stay away from it. I slept the whole way home and all evening. Meeting new people is very tiring.

Today's ornament is also from mom's childhood. It was originally one of a set of four glass balls, but now there are only three. Sadly, the yellow one broke many years ago. In addition to this blue one, there is a green and a red.


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Why did you have to stay in the car.. but u did get to meet people which is good. Didnt Dakota come along?

Boy n Baby

Isabella said...

Of course you wouldn't have tore the tree up! But it is nice you got to go with the Mom's.
Festive Wags-
5 days till Santa!

Joe Stains said...

oh my when I get super excited and bark my feet come off the ground too. maybe we are long lost relatives to mack!

Cairo The Boxer said...

Hey, Cubby! You've been featured as Time person of the year!

threecollie said...

Your tree and ornaments are just beautiful! I am so enjoying this series of posts.

Charlie said...

Good choice on the longhorn! It sounds very scary.

Thanks for the Christmas card!
- Charlie

Bella the Boxer said...

Those are very nice ornaments that your Moms have, Cubby. My Mom is super-attached to her ornaments, too! Don't forget to leave some biscuits and milk for Santa Paws!

xoxo - Bella