OK, I'm late with the snow pictures, but Blogger took away my picture posting for two days. I can't talk about snow without pictures!

I can tell you this. Snow is cold. I don't like it. Even with my pretty blue coat on, my little naked feet were freezing!

I didn't even want to go outside to potty, but mom insisted. I consented to a quick run, but then once I got out there, Dakota went into a frenzy of cold-adoration! She would not come home. Every time we went out, she insisted on a full walk. She just kept on walking. Look how comfy she is in her long black coat.

I am glad the snow is gone, now if the cold will just go find it...


Boo said...

hey cubby and dakota,

yeah, blogger was naughty for the past few days. many doggie pals was worried coz their handsome/bootiful photos wasn't showing! luckily it's back to normal and we can view those handsome/bootiful photos again. :-)

wet wet licks


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

oh no, u really look like u hated the snow.

Boy n Baby

threecollie said...

Hi cubby, I am one of those who doesn't enjoy the cold either, and so is Gael, who hates to get her feet wet...so you have my sympathy.

fee said...

no fair! no snow here! i wanna play with snow too!


Anonymous said...

Hey...I know what you mean! We don't have snow yet but it's soooo cold here!


Cairo The Boxer said...

Snow in Texas??? I didn't think snow would be in Texas.

It is very cold here in California too. I mean VERY cold...for California. Mom and dad are leaving in a few weeks to El Salvador and it's summer time there. Lucky them.

Joe Stains said...

your coat is very cute! I would not like snow at all either!

BLU and Comet said...

My girl and BLU agree with you about the cold. They hate it. I love the cold and wish we would get snow here. The girl says we won't. Maybe she will drive me to Flagstaff the next time it snows.