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Finnegan tagged me to tell six weird things about myself. I'm not sure how to narrow it down to six!

1. The first weird thing my moms noticed about me is that I like to poop on bushes. I will crawl right on top of a bush and let fly! My favorite poop spot is a bush that is under another bush. Heaven!

2. When my moms leave me home with Dakota, I lick the front door the whole time they are gone. When Dakota sits in front of the door, drool just rains down on her.

3. One time I licked the wall instead of the door and made a big hole in the wall. The moms were NOT happy.

4. I love to eat cheese, but it makes me throw up.

5. I wont let my moms foster boxers, but I love dachshunds!

6. I bark at people when the stop petting me. I want them to pet me more, and tell them so, but the moms say the barking scares them away.

I have so much more weirdness to share, but six is my limit!


Boo said...

hey cubby,

cheese make you sick? i don't think i have eaten cheese itself before. but my biscuit does contain cheese, eggs and milk in there. so far i'm alright with it.

so, is your hooman still feeding you cheese?

wet wet licks


Cairo The Boxer said...


I have weird things too.

The Army of Four said...

Hi roo guys! I just wanted to say thank roo for the Christmas card!

Joe Stains said...

I do the pooping ON bushes thing too!! How cool is that!!