Well, I had surgery on Friday. It was definately an adventure. Before we even left the house, Dakota decided she had to go. She ran out the front door, went to the truck, and waited for the door to open. Mom had to say the magic words to get her back inside. (Are you hungry?)

We took a long ride across town. I had to ride in an elevator, which was okay, but a little scary. Then, I had to sit in a waiting room with lots of dogs and people. My mom said I was very good, because I didn't bark at anyone.

We finally went into a room, and two nice ladies came in and messed with my eye and gave me a treat. The got a Legacy Boxer Rescue card from mom, because the office manager is looking for a boxer. We are always trying to help the boxer babies.

The doctor finally came in and then my other mom got there, too. The doctor numbed my eye and then he took a needle and scratched a checkerboard pattern on my eye. I didn't like it, but it didn't hurt me. The worst part was when he put a contact on my eye. It took a long time, and he pushed on my eyeball. Uck.

On the way out of the office, I saw this weird gray fluffy thing in the lobby. Mom said it was a standard poodle, but I've seen Isabella, and this thing did not look like her. I didn't bark, because I wasn't sure what it was. Mom says it just needed a haircut to look like Isabella.

I'm still wearing the cone sometimes, but now I have a clear cone, so I can see better. I suddenly had a breakthrough yesterday, and the cone doesn't freeze me anymore. Instead, I keep hitting the moms in the back of the knees with it.

I'm finally on the road to recovery. I hope it's a highway, because I'm ready to get there.


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

yikes cubby - that sounds like a yucky thing they did to your eye. Hope it starts to feel better soon buddy !


Dachsies Rule said...

Cubby, sending you healing dachsie thoughts. We know your moms are taking great care of their (and our) favorite boxer.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Dachsies Rule said...

Oh! Our favorite BOY boxer!

Studly Dudley said...

Oh Cubster! :( Poor guy.. getting your eye scratched with a needle?! YOU'RE SO BRAVE. I would have freaked right the hell out if that was me.. my Mum is cringing for you, too. That sounds like a horrible thing to happen to such a lovely boxer. I hope this fixes your eye so that you don't have to go through such injustices again. Keep us updated!


ps - I like hitting my Mum in the back of the knees and her shins too when I have a cone.. heheh.. revenge!!

Cairo The Boxer said...

My cubbs,

I am glad you are feeling better. Sending you lots of love.


Finnegan said...

Get lots of rest and make sure you take advantage of as much sympathy from your mums as possible. I think a get well doggy cake from the dog bakery is in order!

Joe Stains said...

cubby I am so glad you are now going to get better!

Bella the Boxer said...

You're so brave, Cubby! I'm sending you lots of Boxer wishes so you feel better soon. Until then, make sure your Moms keep spoiling you.

xoxo - Bella

Charlie said...

Get well soon, Cubby, and then let's play!!
- Charlie

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Get well soon Cubby. You did so well on my mom so I sure will be sending doggy thoughts and prayers your way!


laura said...

Boxer kisses and Lab Licks to hoping that you feel better soon!
Charlie and Coco

threecollie said...

Oh dear, poor, poor Cubby...I hurt for you. Hope it heals real quickly now!

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Wishing you SPEEDY Recovery!

Boy n Baby