Off to Dude's

We went for a ride on Wednesday, and guess where we landed . . . Dude's house! Dakota's favorite. She finally got to go with us, after being left behind for the rescue work the days before. Yes, you heard me right. She got to stay home and snooze while I schmoozed the public and worked my little nub off.

Here we are in the car. Don't get excited, boys. Dakota is not winking at you. She is like one of those human kids that has to make a face every time you get out the camera. You know the kind. The one that ruins the perfect Christmas picture by giving Grandma bunny ears...

See what I mean. Mom tried very hard to get a picture of Dakota at Dude's house. Nope. She threw out the tongue and shut the eyes at the last second.

Mom tried from the side. Dakota was looking very cute right up until the last second. Then she made the face.

Mom got frustrated, so Dakota went for the one-eyed look, just to give mom hope that the next picture will be great. Dream on, mom. There were several more shots like these, but you get the idea.

At last, all you Dude fans (I know you're out there), a photo for you. Dude likes to sit right behind his mom (my Grammy), especially when Dakota is around. It is toasty warm and safe back there. Dakota thinks Dude is the ultimate coolest play-thing, and he doesn't really appreciate a giant black lumbering lummox trying to get him to play. He especially doesn't like when she pokes him with her enormous nose.


Maggie said...

Dakota looks like he's winking at the camera!

Happy St. Patrick's day Cubby!

Love ya lots,

Oscar Airedale said...

Dakota's photos are so funny!

Oscar x

Peanut said...

Oh haha poor Dakota. She should let your mom take good pictures. I mean does she know all those bad ones of her are being posted for all of us to see.

Sophie Brador said...

Ha ha! Dakota is funny.

macgoogle said...

Ha ha ha - Dude is so cute! And Dakota reminds Dad of Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes) when his Dad is trying to get a good photo of him. Dad tried to find the comic strip but couldn't. Maybe another time. Love to y'all.

Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

We think that Dakota look so cute with all those winks.

Boy n Baby

Kt said...

Dakota does have much more petite ears than Porter. We are worried that he might be part Basset Hound! Maybe he will grow into them. Love Dakota's wink!