Visit to Dude's (The Outside Part)

We had a good long visit at Dude's house today, and it was very hot. I made a point of barking at Brittany, the neighbor dog. I really told her what for! She never answered me - I guess she's stuck up. Mom says she's a hundred years old and probably can't hear. She is pretty gray-faced...

Dakota had the very best time chasing Dude's blue ring and green ball. I don't know what her obsession is with these tiny little toys.

She actually ran fast, not her normal slow walk after toys. Doesn't she look happy?

When she got too hot, she ran over to the water bowl and dipped her nose in. Didn't drink, just stuck her whole snout in there.

And when she got extra tired, she took a break in the shade, but that ball was just chewed and chewed and chewed.

Tomorrow, I'll tell the inside part, but now we're going to sleep like little babies all night long. Sweet Dreams, everyone.


macgoogle said...

Have a good night's sleep - make sure you include photos of Dude in the next post!

Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).

Zach said...

Whoa - other dog's toys are nearly as good as brand new toys! Yay for Dakota!

Hammer said...

Hi Cubby

It's really hot over here in Australia too. We can't wait for some cooler weather.

Thanks for visiting my blog again and for your kind comments. My mum and me appreciate this so much.

Take good care of yourself, and Dakota too.

Ben_Benjamin said...

Hey Cubby,

Dakota is just soooooo sweet....I can see she really enjoy playing with her toy.

Its very HOT here in Malaysia too...so I just kept drinking water....

The Army of Four said...

Great pictures! Playing with that toy looks like hard work - hope you guys slept well!
Play bows,

Joe Stains said...

I dont drink water unless its my dish. I will stick my face in it, like Dakota. I guess we are just weird?

Isabella said...

Looks like Dakota had a great time! Fun days sure can tire us out, huh? Hope you get a great night's sleep.
Big Wags,

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Dakota look real happy with the little chewy.

Boy n Baby