Carla's Gems

Puppies, puppies, everywhere! Legacy Boxer Rescue has three litters of puppies. I introduced you to Sierra's Sidekicks and Tater's Tots. Today, we have Carla's Gems. Enjoy the puppy madness!

Here's how they started out, four weeks ago.
Carla is such a good, sweet mommy!
And here are the pretty Gems, pictured at three weeks old...

They will be ready for adoption in about a month, and so will pretty Carla, so get ready to adopt a Gem! If you live in Texas, fill out your application with Legacy Boxer Rescue!

Mom's favorite is Onyx, but Dakota and I say, NO MORE PUPPIES! Mom will have to gaze at the cute pictures from afar.


Sasha said...

Hi, I came here from Meeshka's blog.
You better put your paw down about the puppies. They're attention thieves.

Sasha said...

Cubby, thanks for sponsoring me for the hike!!!!

Ike said...

You are not allowed to publish puppy picks anymore - my mom gets all googly eyed and wants one.

Finnegan said...

That is a fine looking group of puppies! I hope they find wonderful forever homes!


Cairo The Boxer said...

OMD! Do you have lots of people wanting to adopt the puppies??? I love all of carla's gems!

Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh they are soooooooooooo cute!!!