Updates and Magoo

Some updates - Delaney is back at home and doing well!

Dora is doing fine - the moms saw her at the Legacy Boxer Rescue adoption fair, and she looked great! Should I be bitter that they took Magoo to the adoption fair and left me at home? I think yes...
Speaking of the evil one, Magoo is turning into a better foster brother. He is learning to potty outside, at least. He loves to grab our leashes when we are ready to go for a walk, and he leads Dakota around. That's pretty funny.

She is starting to tolerate him better. She hardly ever growls at him anymore. She does try to avoid him by getting up high.
Unfortunately, it turns out that the vet thinks he has a liver shunt. This means that he will most likely need a very expensive surgery. Mom says she'll have to cut back on my toys and treats so she can make a donation. We'll just see about that.


Maggie said...

Oh no! Poor Magoo! He's too little for such serious problems!

Love ya lots,

Joe Stains said...

poor magoo :( we hope he can get his surgery and lead a long healthy life

Anonymous said...

Oh no - poor Magoo. Is this why so many boxers turn up at Legacy - because their owners can't afford the surgeries?

Cairo The Boxer said...

I am so sorry about your new brother! I am glad that at least they know what is wrong with him so he can get the correct treatment.

I am also very glad to hear Dora is doing well.