Magoo Visiting...

Mom says Magoo gets to go visit a family tomorrow (usually my job) for Legacy Boxer Rescue. She says this time Magoo is going because the family wants to adopt HIM! Oh, how I am torn between my fun with the Pee-Rahn and my memories of sleeping in and peaceful naps.

This family has two schnauzers for Magupti to play with, and he might even be able to whoop those two! How can anyone resist this face?

I think the moms have mixed feelings also. They love Magoo (too much, if you ask me), but they think Dakota is better off without Magoo living here. They want to be sure he gets a great home - it is a little nervewracking to let such a vulnerable little special baby go to live with strangers. What if they get tired of his Pee-Rahn ways? What if the other dogs don't play nice with him? What if they misjudge the people and Magoo ends up living outside or being neglected and lonely? Mom says it gets too scary to even think about it.

The moms have been working in rescue for almost two years now, but Magoo is their first real foster (I don't allow boxers in the house). This has made them respect all of the special people who foster even more. How do they do it?

If Magoogle goes away this weekend, I guess I'll just go back to making this face at Dakota instead of him. Life will go back to normal, but a little piece of our hearts will leave with little baby Magooney.

Wish him luck tomorrow. He is looking for the best family ever. He deserves it, just like all the rescue pups out there.

Thanks to all you fosters who love the babies enough to let them go.



Ooooh! Good luck Magoo! Mommy and I will be praying you get an AWESOME home!!

~lucy the GREAT

Mona,Jacks & Toby too!! said...


We are Mona, Jacks and Toby. We are dachshunds & we were all adopted from Dachshund Rescue of Houston. Our Mommy got involved being a volunteer with DROH when Hurricane Katrina hit and so many abandoned dogs were rescued from New Orleans with no where to go so she took in a foster and she has been fostering for 2 years now. We have had more than 20 fosters during that time & Mommy crys everytime one gets adopted and then just gets another one. Mommy said we need more fosters in this world but there just aren't that many people around willing to care for all the homeless little ones in the world like us & Magoo. People say they couldn't bear to give them. They are right, it is hard but Mommy says look at all the doggies that have been saved because someome cared enough to share their homes and their hearts with them.

We are proud of your Moms and every foster in this world.

Good luck to Magoo!!!!

Love Mona, Jacks, Toby and Evander too !!

ps...Evander is are 21st foster.

Toby was one of Mom's foster failures but we are glad she decided to keep him because he is a big boy and takes care of all of us.

Cairo The Boxer said...

Hi Cubby,

I hope Magoo gets a great home and I am sure your moms must be worried but tell them to have faith in people. I think most people love and have the compassion for animals. There is just horrible people out in the world who should be neutered and or spayed. I am sure Magoo will go to a wonderful home and I too will be sad and have a tear in my eye.

Texas's Mum said...

Hey Cubby,
Good luck to Magoo
this weekend we hear will
be thinking and sending
good vibes to him.

Love and Licks
Texas (and his humans).

Zach said...

Oh no, Magoo living somewhere else? Is it possible? I will cross my eyes, my paws, and anything else I can find so he can have a loving furever home. I think I'll miss him just as much as you will!!

Simba said...

I hope Magoo finds his forever home. Paws crossed,

Simba x

threecollie said...

What a great picture of Magoo...so much personality. I hope things work out for him.

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

Good luck Magoo! I am sure someone will love you so much and give you a fandabidozi home like I got here!

love and licks, Marv xxxxx

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

I take my hat off to you and other foster carers. I don't think I could bare it.

I really do hope Magoo finds a home you feel happy with.

Katy xxx

charlotte's blog said...

good luck magoo
i hope you find a great new home
lots of barks
xoxo charlotte

Charlie said...

We've got our fingers crossed for Magoo! You're the best to take such good care of him until he finds his forever home!

Grammie said...

You are special to help Magoo through this difficult time in his life. We are all hoping that the people who are coming to get him will treat him well and make him a part of the family.
Peanut and Flash's grammie

Frasypoo said...

Hope Magoo will get a good family
Thanks for dropping by my blog
I am a rescue doggy too.Mommy said that all doggy foster parents are wonderful humans because they take care of the doggies and find them great homes.

Joe Stains said...

oh dog we sure hope his family is wonderful and patient and that they take good care of the little guy, even if he is a menace ;)

Freda said...

Hey Cubbys,

It soo nice that your peeps foster. There are soo manys dogs who need families.

Good luck to Magoos. Bet it will be quiets at your place if he finds a family this weeksend.

Thanks for sniffin' arounds my place. Ya, those speeders are reeeallys skardy.