2AOMarathon, Day Five

Today's ornament is a very cute snowman head. I'm not sure why anyone thinks it's a good idea to hang a severed head from the tree, but there you go. It's one of mom's favorites, so I thought I'd show you.

I am very annoyed with the moms tonight, and I must share. We went for a walk, as usual, and when we got home, they left us so they could get the mail. When they came back, they didn't come in! I'm waiting behind this door!

Instead of petting me, they stood out in the cold, petting another boxer! They let him potty in the yard. They told him he was handsome! They have a perfectly fabulous boxer waiting in the house. Ugh!

Just wait and see if I sit peacefully next time you go get the mail. Can you say "another hole in the wall?"


Simba said...

He can't have been as handsome as you.

Simba xx

Peanut said...

Oh how dare they. Why would they want to pet another boxer when they have you? A hole in the wall sounds good. That severed head on your tree is kind of creepy.

Rosie said...

The cocker crew thinks Christmas ornaments are delicious and/or fun to play with and have no objections to severed heads.

Balboa & Mommy said...

How could he be more handsome than YOU?????

Frenchie SNorts