Bumble (Ornament 22)

Some of you are unfamiliar with the Bumble. He was an abominable snowman in the Christmas special, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. We not only have two Bumble ornaments that I have shown you already, but we have a giant Bumble (above) that roars, and a Rudolph set (below) with a Bumble.
The moms love Rudolph. Mom even has Bumble socks! We also have a Rudolph music box.
Gazoo is still here. We played some more today. It was fun, but he is a crazy man! He drives Dakota up the wall - that's pretty funny - but she still tries to protect him from me when I get mad. In this picture, I was thinking about biting the little guy.
I do play with him now. Here is the video of the play that I promised. Watch for my ninja moves and listen for the pig sounds. He is wild!

Today's ornament is from a different Christmas special, Frosty the Snowman. When you push a button on it, it says "Happy Birthday!" in Frosty's voice.


Peanut said...

Oh we love the bumble. It is sad people don't know about him. Mom says she would like your giant one. She hasn't seen one like that before. It was to funny when gazoo walked under Dakota. You guys looked like you were having fun. If you could fit him in a box and mail him to us we will take him.

Joe Stains said...

poor dakota just seems like she is in the way! you guys look like you are having a blast!

Comet and BLU said...

You guys looked like you were having a great time playing. Gazoo does sound like a little piggie. Maybe you can have him snort around for truffles?
Comet and BLU

4xBs said...

hi Cubby, we didn't know about Bumble. that's funny. we got your card last week and wanted to give you a sniff. it looks like you are getting ready for christmas. do you have some pressies under the tree?

happy holiday woofers.