Happy Birthday, Sarge!

Only one short year ago, a litter of little boxers was born. They narrowly escaped being born in a shelter, but they were rescued by Legacy Boxer Rescue in the nick of time. This one is my friend, Sarge.

Today Sarge had a birthday party, and of course invited Uncle Cubby and Aunt Dakota. Because Dakota is such a heathen, we didn't get to go. I had to stay home and take care of her while the moms went and got boxer kisses and ate cake.

Sarge and his brother, Patch, got to eat some delicious pink cake! The moms got some, too.

They got new toys, and got to play with them together! I wish I could have played with the monkey!

They got to eat yummy pig ears. There were enough to share with me. I can't believed I missed such a fun party!

They even sat like such nice gentlemen, waiting for their treats. They are such nice boys!

Mom said that Sarge grabbed his gramma's sandwich, but there was no picture of that, so I think she made that part up. They are very nice boys, after all.

We were allowed to ride over and visit for a minute after the party was over. That was a crazy ride. Two mommies and two big dogs in the cab of the pickup. Everyone was squooshed. Dakota even changed gears to neutral when we were driving down the highway. It was scary!

We got to give kisses to Sarge's whole family. They kept saying how soft Dakota is - we call that chubby around our house. Dakota really liked Sarge's dad - she even stuck her butt up to him to get whooped!

I tackled both Sarge's mom and his aunt. It was pretty funny. I barked at everyone - I was trying to tell them I wanted cake, but apparently they don't speak boxer. I really wanted some of that delicious pink cake Sarge's gramma made.

I got lots of kisses from the whole family. It was wonderful - they are a great boxer family!

And even though we didn't make it to the party, we still got party favors! Yeah for party favors! The pink one is for Dakota, cause she's a girl! I got the very manly blue party favor!

Oh my goodness! treats and toys, both! I just love that Sarge! And Patch, too! Thanks guys!

The cookies are so yummy! They look like people cookies!

And the beefy sticks are heavenly! Can I have another, mom? Please??

It's toy time? Are you sure it's not still beefy stick time? Beefy sticks RULE!

Dakota says it is toy time. She says, "Give me my toy! Give me all the toys!"

Then she stole my manly blue toy. She proceeded to hoard both toys on the dog bed while I snuffled around for more beefy sticks.

Today was a good day. The Giants even just beat the cheaters in the Super Bowl! We should celebrate with beefy sticks!


One of the pack said...

What great fun. Happy birthday to your friend, Sarge. Sounds like y'all had a good day enjoying this spring weather! The cola toys are pretty cool too. Have a great week.

Go Legacy!

Heidi, Journey, Rosemary, Lola and Witty

Joe Stains said...

Dakota sure doesn't know how to share! that cake looks DELICIOUS!!

Ari_1965 said...

Pink cake? Doesn't sound like very manly cake.

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Wow, they grow up so fast. We think it's not fair that you couldn't go to the party but we are glad you got to go visit later and get presents!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Ferndoggle said...

Sarge is one lucky pup! What a great family to give you all that good stuff on HIS barkday!


Peanut said...

Oh what a fun party. Glad you got stuff even though your mean moms made you stay home for it with Dakota. Why didn't they just leave her home by herself?

Ike said...

I just heard my mom say she wants to get a boxer. Stop being so darn cute you guys!

Gammy said...

I wanted to thank the moms for coming to Sarge's party, and for bringing Cubby and Dakota back to visit us. Sarge and Patch are such lucky pups to be part of the Boxer Legacy Rescue Family! Sarge had such a good time, he got some really cool gifts. He got a Minnie Mouse and a ball, and a stuffed Moose, a stuffed Monkey and lots of treats! Happy Birthday "little" Sarge!! Shhhhhh don't tell everyone that Sarge had bad manners and tried to steal my sandwich!!!!!! LOL

Simba said...

What great fun, cake presents and a little puppy tied up with a ribbon.
Simba xx

Sophie Brador said...

Oh my DoG! Sarge was the absolute cutest little puppy ever. Hope he had a great b-day!


Moco said...

What a great party. Even if you didn't get to go you still got all those cool gifts. You are so lucky to be involved with LBL and they are so lucky to have such a great spokesdog as you.

Sparky said...

Happy Birthday to Sarge! That's a very cute picture of him as a puppy!

Mmmm, all that food looks great! Especially the pink cake!


Harry said...

I'm gload you still got to share some of the party spirit!

Toodle pip
Harry c

Comet and BLU said...

What a cute picture of Sarge. That cake looks very yummy.

The Brat Pack said...

That looked like so much fun...that stinks you had to miss it. The party favors are pretty cool though!


Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Hi Cubby ! Hi Dakota! wow what a pawsome looking widdle baby! ya'll party favors looked pawsome too! Congrats on those tags they were beeuutiful hope ya'll get to wear them. So we're over our 2-wks of daddygone drama days and we trotted over to get caught up on what ya'll been up to. So happy so many boxers are finding loving homes hope it continues fur this to be the best year yet

trot over when ya'll can cos we got a bloggie treat fur ya'll
Love Licks & waggin TX tails