We Have a Problem

Friends and Fellow Bloggers,

Legacy Boxer Rescue needs your help. We need your family's help. We need your friends' help. We have over 80 boxers in our care, and they need you.

It costs a lot of money to feed and medicate these babies. Our income in 2008 from adoption fees has been about $33,000, and our vet bills alone have already reached over $62,000. Big difference.

We care for the dogs that people throw away. People leave their dogs at the shelter when they move, divorce, have a baby, send the kids off to college, go on vacation, or get busy at work. People leave their dogs at the shelter when the dog is sick, injured, or just unwanted.

Legacy Boxer Rescue takes these unwanted babies and loves them. We teach them to live in a home. We treat their ailments, physical and psychological. It breaks our hearts to see the sad faces in the shelters, and it warms our hearts to see them healthy, and in the arms of a new family who loves them.

Every day, I am going to introduce you to a boxer who is looking for a home. If that boxer's story touches your heart, please donate to help that dog. Please send the stories to your friends and families.

Legacy Boxer Rescue needs your help; the boxers need your help.

Until we raise $10,000, we will not be able to rescue any more boxers from the shelter. We will continue to care for the boxers in our care, but many others will die while we are fundraising.

Please help.

Love, Cubby


Moco said...

We are hoping that all turns out well as Legacy Boxer does such a good job.

Simba said...

Dropping by to say hello. Hope you had a great weekend.

Simba x