Eat Some Pancakes

Do you like pancakes and live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? Well, I have a deal for you!

You can eat pancakes and help boxers! Click here to see how!

For those of you that were concerned about my mom, I was totally innocent. We were playing. She had the toy. I tried to get it, and instead scraped mom's hand with my razor sharp canine! Case closed!

While we're here, Dakota wanted me to tell you that we went to the vet this week for our annual exam. Dakota lost 7 pounds! She says that now she's skinny like when she was a little girl. She said to put this picture up to show how she looks now.

The truth is, she still has an udder swinging under her belly, and this picture was her at the age of one. She still needs to lay off the pancakes!


Peanut said...

do you think I can get mom to drive 5 hours for pancakes? Probably not I hope you make tons of money. Congrats to dakota on the weight loss

Cairo The Boxer said...

Looking good Dakota! Don't get too thin we need a little meat on our bones.

I wish I could go to the pancake breakfast! I love pancakes! Sometimes I get some when the parents are eatting

Joe Stains said...

That is still some good weight loss, good job Dakota!

Cairo The Boxer said...

Hey Cubby,

I tagged you! Go to my site and see what you have to do :)