Happy Spring Break

It has been such an interesting few days! Wednesday night it was POURING. Mom forced me to go outside anyway, and I pooped very quickly, but Dakota just wandered around looking like a dork. We got totally soaked. And she never pooped. She has no problem with standing around in the rain, but I am sweet - I might melt!

Anyway, during the pelting, I was trying to get mom to let me go home, and I accidentally ran my eye into a stickery vine. It hurt, so I kept winking at the moms until they took me to the vet Thursday.

The was fine at first. I got petting and a treat, and the vet decided my eye was okay - the moms were happy that the vet didn't charge us. But then he said I need to lose a few pounds. What? 67 pounds is light for a manly boxer like me.

Mom says you can see my love handles in this picture. Harumph! What's even worse, mom said Dakota has completed her weight loss program. I guess now I'm the fat one!

Speaking of chubby, ever since mom got home from the pet fair today, she has been raving about these Cake Balls. I have never heard of cake balls, but my mom is a cake maniac. She didn't hold out much hope for liking the cake balls, but now she will not stop!

So, if you like cake, you apparently need some of these. One of the Legacy Boxer Rescue volunteers makes them and sells them. The moms are planning to order some as soon as they can figure out when they can go get them.

They are about the size of a truffle, and they are $8 for a dozen. You can order them from my friend Shari at her myspace, http://www.myspace.com/sassysweetsbyshari. It's always nice to support the people that do good works! (Mom says ...and they are so freaking delicious)

The good news of the week is that mom's spring break started today!!! Woohoo!!! A full week with momma! Happy Spring Break to me!!!


Moco said...

You won't lose any weight if you eat those cake balls. Where can we get some again? Have fun on Spring Break. No wet T-shirt contests for you or Dakota.

Peanut said...

glad your eye is okay. Tell your mom I weigh 80 lbs so your 67 is nothing. Those cake balls look yummy. Enjoy your time with your mom

Joe Stains said...

oh jeez, I can't believe YOU are the fat one :( good luck on your weight loss. Mom is trying to lose some weight too so she needs to stop staring at those cake balls.

Casey said...

You know, it's really not nice of your mom to tell YOU to lose weight and then starting eating cake balls!

Simba and Jazzi said...

Those things look so good! Shame our Mummy isn't allowed any.

Simba and Jazzi xxx