Voodoo Cubby

My butt healed up, although the moms say I now have a weird skin tag hanging off there. I haven't seen anything like that. I have been feeling a new voodoo power, though. Maybe like Spiderman's spider bite, my Cocker Spaniel bite has given me special powers...

I used my new super boxer voodoo this week to get my way. The moms think it was just that Charter Cable is sucky, but I beg to differ. Voodoo takes a lot of work and a mastermind! I'll give you the timeline of events, and you tell me if any company could be this bad.

Saturday, April 18: Our cable went out. We had basic channels and HBO, but no extended cable. Mom called to report the problem, and let them sell her a DVR - ha ha ha. So naive.

Monday, April 20: Charter was scheduled to bring the DVR. Mom had to wait at home with me all day. I voodooed them away from the house so she would have to stay home another day. Nobody came.

Tuesday, April 21: Charter was scheduled to come again, so mom stayed home again with me. To keep her blood pressure at a reasonable level, I had to let them come. But my evil was not done. I like visitors, and Dakota got locked up (double bonus), so I made sure the box did not work properly. The guy had to stay for over an hour before they could get the DVR to work.

Wednesday, April 22: Mam had errands to run, but when she got up, the cable was out completely (insert evil laugh here). This forced her to cancel her errands and stay home with me while waiting for Charter dork to come fix things. I kept him from coming with a spell, but mom figured out what was wrong late in the day and talked the people on the phone into fixing our account.

To keep mom out of jail, I cooled it for a couple of days (she was thinking of throwing the box through the window). Just when they were feeling secure and happy, I struck again.

Saturday, April 25: The moms were planning on leaving me while they did a home visit for Legacy Boxer Rescue. I don't think so. When they got up, they were dismayed to find the new DVR was totally dead. Not even a dim light as a glimmer of hope. Mom had to stay home with little old me and wait for Mr. Charter, while the other mom did the visit alone. Mr. Charter was unable to fix the dead DVR, and the replacement he put in was also hexed by me, and it didn't work either. He put in a regular old cable box instead (but I got another visitor for an hour). As soon as he left, the signal started popping in and out, leading to another visit later that day. Still no luck for them (thanks to Voodoo Cubby).

Sunday, April 26: Finally the moms were sleeping in, when they were rudely awakened by a knock on the door. The cable guy was unexpectedly back to fix it again! So many visitors for me - I'm really liking this cable thing. The guys are much more interesting than the television.

For now, things seem to be back to normal, no DVR, but the cable is working. Tomorrow is another day, though. I may need a reason for mom to stay home. I think she's planning on going to the grocery store tomorrow.

Don't count on it...


umatter2charter said...

Hello Cubby,

I am very excited you were able to spend a considerable amount of time with your mom, but I am also very sad that is was due to some technical issues with my company.

Although I do not doubt your new Cocker-Voodoo skills, we have a shield that protects customers from puppy voodoo, so the errors, unfortunately, are on our end.

Can you please tell your mom, that Eric Ketzer (Communications Manager) from Charter Communications would like her to contact him at Umatter2Charter@chartercom.com, so he can resolve these issues?

Thanks Cubby...hope you have a great day.

Joe Stains said...

wow, you have been seriously busy!!! What do you have against the DVR or do really just want them to keep coming back to visit???

Simba and Jazzi said...

Those are pretty cool powers you have there.

Simba and Jazzi xxx

Best Dog Checks said...

SUPER FUNKY dog... thats hilarious

Moco said...

You do have special powers. All of that from a cocker spaniel bite? Maybe I could get Dawson to bite Foley and see if it works at our house. Grammie says, "that is one crap of a cable company."