The Photo Shoot

Today was my photo shoot for the 2010 Legacy Boxer Rescue Calendar! We were all ready to leave, but the babysitter must have forgotten to come (or maybe she was afraid of the very smelly head on Dakota)! Oh know, we can't leave the patient all alone! Well, the moms decided to load Dakota and take her along, too (I could have told them that was a bad idea).

We took a long drive out to see Kelly. She kept trying to trick me into putting my tongue inside my mouth and putting my ears up. Instead, I was panting with my ears back and trying to kiss her. Dakota was whining (she wanted her picture made, too) as usual. Dakota tried to kiss Kelly, too, but that was just too gross.

Finally, after a lot of squeaking and whistling and baby talk, Kelly just told me she wanted me to close my mouth, perk up my ears, and look over my shoulder at her, so I did. Duh. All she had to do was tell me. I am a professional after all.

On the way home, we were all pretty hot, so Dakota had to smoosh her cone in between the seats and steal all the air conditioning. That cone really is a good cold air collector.

At least while she was hogging all the AC, she could have let me sit in the back seat in peace, right? No! She had to put her hiney all in my space. The whole other half of the seat was empty, but she had to take my side. A fluffy fur pillow can be nice, but not when it's a million degrees.

Now that we are finally home, I'm taking the rest of the day off, to nap and lounge in the cool air of home. Have a great Saturday!


Moco said...

That is not the way to be treated when you are the star. You do need to have some compassion for Dakota though. Stay cool both of you. We will be looking forward to ordering our new calendar.

threecollie said...

Poor Dakota!
And you will be a star no matter where you are.

Casey said...

I had my photo shoot this weekend too, and Kelly was SO nice! Did you get to meet the really, really big black and white doggie next door? I wanted to play SO bad, but Mom wouldn't let me off the leash!

Ike said...

You should take a week off after that!