Hide and Seek

Can you find me?

I'm hiding from the herd of Yorkies at Aunt Laura's house. Except for the Yorkies and the pool, her house is pretty cool. She has a bunny yard.

The blue house is their little hidey hole, but they have a cool little yard, too.

I bring you these sunny pictures from a few weeks ago, because here's how it looks at my house this week...


Sparky said...


Wow, a herd of Yorkies. I'm a bit afraid of them myself, especially when there's a whole bunch! So many hyper, yappy things!

OMDog, look at all that rain! You could have a shower with shampoo and everything out there!

I hope you're having a GRRRReat weekend, my friend!


Moco said...

Yorkies can be a little nippy, but that looks like a wonderful yard to be in. Take care my great friend.

Comet and BLU said...

We like the sunny pictures better!