We Built a Dog!

This has been a fun week - mom is staying home from work and we are decorating for Christmas!

I was really surprised when the first thing the moms brought out was a box of wood - weird! Are we going to have a fire, or what?

I would be happy to chew up the wood, but the moms kept telling me no. Rude moms!

Oh, now I see - we are building a dog! I have to tell you, the boy has some skinny legs, and he doesn't smell like any dog I know!

I even tasted his little nubbin (he must be a boxer with that nubbin). Again, the rude moms said no, but he didn't even turn around when I chomped on his tail...he is a stoic boy!

When we finished, mom put some sticks on his head - I'm not sure why. They love to make us wear stuff on our heads.

Then they wrapped him up with beads and threw him outside. I guess he's going to be an outside dog like the other one. Poor guy. They don't seem to mind, though. They just wait there, guarding the front door...


Moco said...

You and Dakota are so lucky to be able to stay in the house. Are the mom's turning into mad scientists.

Casey said...

Man, I'd better not let my mom see this! She makes me wear all sorts of crazy things anyway. If she wraps me in beads, I am out of here!