Happy Anniversary, Casey!

Today is the day my buddy, Casey, was adopted - just one year ago! We love you, Casey!

You can tell that Casey is not only very handsome, but that he must have a mommy that loves him very much!

He's smart, too!

This is how Casey looked when he first came to Legacy Boxer Rescue. He was living outside in the Texas summer heat, with almost no hair! What a turn-around!


Sparky said...

Happy Adoption Day Casey!! You are so lucky to live with humans who love you!

I hope you all have a GRRRReat week ahead!


Casey said...

Wow, thanks! I was living the high life this weekend, so I didn't have a chance to check your blog. I got to charm people into giving LBR money all day Saturday, and then Mom gave me another cheeseburger as a reward! She's the best. :D

threecollie said...

What an incredible success story! congratulations to Casey and his family.

Marcus said...

Happy Anniversary Casey. Thank goodness there are good humans out there to rescue dogs in need. I adopted my best friend Rosie from a rescue organization.