Winter Wonderland

I need to get something off of my chest. I live in Texas for a reason. It's not all the cowboys and horses. Texas is warm. Usually it's downright hot. That's why I live here. Now, let me tell you, I understand winter. In Texas, winter is February. It can get downright chilly, then. But it is still fall here. December 2, and I wake up to this!

I can tell you, as soon as the front door opened, and I saw my car covered by FROZEN WATER, I slammed myself into reverse. I could have held it for days, but mom said I had to go potty. She dragged me onto the front porch. I tried to quickly potty on the porch, so mom and I could get back inside, but mom said no. She made me walk in the wet freezing grass to potty!

After that torture, this is what I did for the next several hours to recuperate. See the tight ball I made of myself? That means it is cold!

After my first nap, I looked out again. Oh, the horror! Did we move to Minnesota overnight?

The poor dog we made was also covered with a blanket of arctic evil. I suggested that he shake it off, but he just stood there stoically. Poor guy - I feel sorry for him and all the other outside dogs who woke up shivering this morning.

Just seeing all of that made me chilly, so I went back inside and spent the remainder of the day in my toasty bed, dreaming of July.

Texas, I have to tell you - I am disappointed. Warm it up, buddy, or we may have to move south...


Comet and BLU said...

You can come stay with us until all that icky white stuff melts!

Casey said...

My mom tried to make me go out in all that frozen water, but I wasn't having anything of it! So she let me go back inside and told me I had to "cross my legs" until she came home at lunch. I don't know what that meant, but at least it was better than being outside!

This morning was almost as bad. It wasn't wet, but it was still cold!! I tried to stay inside again, but Mom made me go out this time. Hrmph.

Moco said...

What kind of freezin' place is that for a sun dog. I hope that bed has a heater. Take care, buddy.

Peanut said...

Oh man we got snow yesterday. It just isn't right I tell you.