Dakota, the Incredible Puking Wonder

Don't worry, no puking pictures. You're lucky you can't smell what is coming out of my sister, because all I can say is EW.  We're not sure what her problem is, but hopefully the vet can tell us tomorrow.   I'll let you know.

So...instead of disgusting Dakota pictures, I will show you something amazing!  Legacy Boxer Rescue has puppies!  Two beautiful pregnant brindle girls ended up in the shelter somehow.  Legacy took them in and now we have two sets of five babies!

Meet Isis and her little babies.  She barely made it out of the shelter before she had her babies.

Meet Milky Way and her tiny ones.  They were just born yesterday. She was a surprise - her foster mom didn't know she was pregnant when she took her in, but she is very gamely going to help raise the brood.

Thanks to Legacy for saving these mommas and babies, and thanks to Lorie and Sandi, the foster grandmas!


Moco said...

Those are beautiful mommas and babies. Good wishes to them all and Puking Dakota.

Peanut said...

What beautiful babies