It's a Sunny Day!

Oh, happy day!  It's warm and sunny, no more snow, no more rain!  And mom let me lounge in the sun!

It didn't even spoil it for me when she started taking annoying pictures.  I ignored her for a while, but ultimately, I had to give her "the look" to get her to stop.

Dakota enjoyed it, too, except she is too fluffy to sit in the sun for very long.  She had to mostly be in the shade.  She also doesn't appreciate getting Furminated, which mom feels compelled to do when we are outside.  Dakota has to be bald soon with all that shedding.  Little kids in the neighborhood were even commenting on all the hair floating around like bubbles.

The most fun part, though, is chasing the birds!  Mom put a birdseed bell out there (which tastes delicious, by the way), and the birdies come for chow.  I have to get alert if I want to catch one!

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Joe Stains said...

We are about to head out and do the same thing!