How Embarrassing!

The game started out in such a promising way.  Then the Braves whooped the Cubs totally!  16-5!  So, Dakota's prize was supposed to be to get her picture taken in front of mom's beautiful new car.

However, in my anger last night, I refused to get out of the picture.  Cubs - you are on notice!  Do better!


Casey said...

Be a good sport! If you make a bet, you have to follow through with it. (But tell your mom that's a nice car! I bet it's very comfy to ride in.)

The Brat Pack said...

Ooooh, nice ride! Hopefully you're being driven all over town.


José Rafael said...


Stella and Pals said...

Mr Cubby and Ms Dakota-
My Mama has been reading you blog for evers and evers and when she showed it to me I decided to give you an award. Come to my bloggy and and get it!

Peace out!

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