Visit to Grammy's House

We are so happy we got to visit Dude and Trina and Grammy on such a nice spring day.  Before we could go out and play in her beautiful yard, we had to help Grammy with her quilting.  She makes beautiful quilts, and we had to be good and not bother her.  You might see Trina on the arm of the couch, but do you see Dude's hiney behind her?

After about five minutes of helping, Trina thought that was enough quilting and said it was time to go out.  She went and pulled on Grammy's hand to let her know.

Dakota did some exploring over by the water wheel...

...before she found Trina's pig and had to have an extended game of fetch the pig.  She is a retriever after all.

I ventured out in the yard a little, but mostly I hung around on the porch.  I can't be fooling around in case mom decides to go inside.  I have to be ready to go in, too.

Grammy bought lots of roses at the Legacy Boxer Rescue Roses for Rescue sale, and her yard looked and smelled rosey!   These two bushes look really nice!  Ignore the construction between them.  Grammy is putting in a pond.  I can't wait, because I know exactly what will happen the next time we go over there!   Can you guess?  It involves a big black dog and another trait of retrievers!

I suspect the moms will be choosing to leave Dakota home once the "pond fiasco"  materializes!  You know it will happen - BELLY FLOP!

I hope all of you are having such nice sunny, but cool, weather like we are having here.  I love spring!


Moco said...

What a lovely day at Grammy's. That quilt looks like it is going to be a beauty.

Casey said...

That looks like a great yard to play in! My grandma has a big concrete pond in her backyard, but my aunt and I just ignore it.

Boxer pups said...

I hope you and your friends had a great time in Grammy's house. She has a great place with a great yard for you all.
Best wishes