What a Fun Birthday!

Yes, today is a very special day.  Five years ago today, my moms came to the PetCo and picked me up.  It was so exciting to have a home and family of my very own.  So of course, you would expect today would be a day of party and pamper for yours truly.

If that is what you expected, like me, you would be wrong.  It was, instead, a day all about the moms and Dakota!  

I was so excited that mom was not working today!  We slept in a little, and then mom made eggs!  Yum!  I love eggs!  What a great birthday breakfast, except I got NO eggs.  Harumph!

Then we got ready to go, and packed into the car.  Off to Dude's house - I guess that's where the party will be!  Nope.  When we got there mom dumped me in the front door, and they drove off with Dakota!  They took her over to Aunt Laura's house to swim all morning.  What a special day for everyone but me!

Then we took another long drive home (and I only had a wet Dakota butt on which to rest my head).  Not cool.  It was funny when mom slammed on the brakes and Dakota fell onto the floor board, but then they just were ever nicer to her.

Now we are at home, and no treats, no special supper - only my regular kibble.  I am going on strike!

Happy Birthday to me!


Moco said...

This is a crime. What are the moms thinking? Happy Birthday to you from us anyway.

ari_1965 said...

Happy Birthday, Cubby.
I think you should be standoffish and aloof for several days. The Moms must be punished.

pam said...

Yes today, we're SURE today will be your celebration.

♫♫ Celebrate...Celebrate...Dance to the music ♫♫

And if there's no music, dance to the music in yer head! we do!

Bobo and Meja

Casey said...

I can't believe the Moms would do that to you! Dog abuse, that's what that is. Hrmph. Not that I'd ever advocate biting anyone, but you know, they kind of deserve it.