Somewhat Smart

Well, after only six months of intensive training, my sister has learned the art of Rollie Over.  It has been getting us lots of treats the last few days, as the moms are fascinated with seeing if she really knows the trick, or if it is just a fluke.  And of course she must have treats to perform.

She is not always successful - sometimes she gets excited thinking about the treats coming her way, and she goes into brain lock.  She then must jump up for kisses.  She is totally unable to do the trick if the moms are holding a treat.  If a treat is in sight, she must have it ("please, mommy, please mommy, mommy pleeeeease").

She always seems to bark her protest at being asked to follow commands, and then to celebrate her trick with very nice grunting.  I am so impressed.


Casey said...

I'm impressed! Maybe that's what Mom is expecting me to do with that weird command... I couldn't figure it out!

Maggie said...

Good girl Dakota! My evil sister Rissa barks like that to get a treat. I just lick mom's face until she gives up. Works every time!

Peanut said...

I'm amazed she learned how to do it. Good for her.