My Least Favorite Holiday

Unhappy Halloween, friends!


I'm not sure what this Halloween thing is supposed to be, but it seems to me that it is a TORTURE YOUR DOG DAY!!!  


The moms thought it would be fun to have a "fashion show" today.  You may not know my moms, but they are not fashion plates.  They should not impose it on me, either.


Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for torturing Dakota.  Check her out in this turtle outfit - HA HA HA!


Oh, and she is really stylin' in the banana split costume!  She was so funny - she couldn't see at all in it, so she just walked around blindly, running into stuff.


Now, even I have to admit she is cute as a bug in the bee costume.  She was even happy in it.  She just walked around like nothing was happening, wagging her stinger!


Mom says I make a cute turtle, but what I really make is an angry turtle.  I will be getting my revenge on them.  Tonight, I will aim my tooter right at their faces.


Of course, they have to take the picture of both of us together.  Do I look angry?  It's because I am.  The laughter from the moms did not help.


Finally, the torture came to an end when Dakota staged a sit-in.  She went to the ground and refused to get up.  The evil moms put a costume on her anyway, but she held her ground and looked pitiful until they relented.



Casey said...

Man, I can see why you hate it! I looooove Halloween, because I get to sit outside with Mom and all these KIDS come up to us! They fuss over me and pet me and I can get some kisses in too. It's the best holiday ever!! You should tell your moms to do that instead of torturing you.

By the way, my favorite is the banana split for you and the bee for Dakota.

Bella the Boxer said...

I know it was torture, Cubby (but you sure do look cute!)

xoxo - Bella (the re-blogging boxer)

Tapping Therapy said...

You still look cuddly and cute behind those costumes. Don't worry. Halloween is just one day.