Acceptable Tribute

I guess I have to admit that my moms made an acceptable tribute to my birthday.  In addition to the half Cheeto, I got this pile of loot.  The eyeballs under the arrow were not part of my loot.  They were trying to steal my loot.

Speaking of stealing, the hedgehog now has a big hole in its back.  I guess Dakota didn't realize she could get the eggs out through the hole on the bottom.  She is so dumb.

Auntie Rhonda came to visit me for my big day.  She gave me one of those cookies with sprinkles and lots of kisses!  I love you, Auntie Rhonda!

These salmon strips were super-delicious, and delightfully smelly.  They get two thumbs up in my book.  Even better than Cheetos!

I was thrilled when the moms started making eggs after they ate supper.  Eggs for me!

Mom promised she would put some feet cheese on my eggs, and she came through (I humor her when she calls it that. Silly mom.).

I got to lick the spatula after the eggs were ready!  Num num num num...

Almost egg time! Mom has to get artsy with the eggs.  That doesn't bother me, but why do I have to share everything with Dakota on MY birthday?  Notice the little pieces of cheese on top of the eggs?  Yay!

These eggs are scrumptious!  Even though my poor baby leg hurts because of that darn puppy (notice how I'm holding it out to the side so the moms feel bad), I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday!


Casey said...

Boy, those eggs look yummy! Mom never cooks for me, and she doesn't make those nifty shapes out of our food! (Though my sissy and me share an initial, so I'm not sure what shapes she would make.)


shane said...

.,seems you really enjoy eating that egg...lol

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ILoveDogs said...

It looks like you have good time together :)