Blu is Blue

Hey everybody, meet Blu. He needs a home.

Blu is a young guy - only one year old. He is very sweet and loving. You can see how thin and scared he was when he came to Legacy Boxer Rescue. Now he looks and feels great.

He really loves his foster brother - he sticks to him like glue. Blu is housetrained now and he's filled out. He's very shy because of the terrible past he endured, so he needs an understanding family and a brother dog to love.

He has progressed enough (look at that great picture!) to find his forever home. Are you ready to adopt a gorgeous boxer with a past?

Learn more about Blu.
Apply to adopt Blu . (Texas residents only)


Boxerlady said...

Poor baby boy!! It always amazes me how people can let them get in such bad shape! I just want to send him some hugs and kisses. I hope he goes to a wonderful forever home soon. God knows he deserves it!

Cairo The Boxer said...

Poor blu! I am so HAPPY Legacy found you! You really look happy and healthy. I really hope you find your forever home VERY soon and I hope you get a great brother or sister!

threecollie said...

I thought of Cubby Goes Digital today when we went to the store for salt blocks and saw a boxer that looks just like Blue traveling with his family. He looked very happy to be having his outing!