Ride to the Rescue!

A Motorcycle Ride benefiting the boxers of Legacy Boxer Rescue!

Join us at 9am on Saturday, May 27th at Frank's Sports Grill in Dallas, Texas and get those motors running!

$10.00 entry fee - includes donuts, burgers and raffle ticket(s).(All proceeds go to Legacy Boxer Rescue)

Ride ends at Frank's for burgers and fries - don't forget the raffle,
plus darts, pool and video games.

The moms tell me I don't get to come, but that is yet to be determined...by the way - the great picture is Hammer the wonder-dog, original inspiration for Legacy Boxer Rescue!


Cairo The Boxer said...

He looks like me with a black face! Wasn't hammer your brother?

I hope the moms let you go. After all they did not let you go to the luau.

panthergirl said...

OMG...how cute!! I volunteer for Greyhound Rescue, so I just had to stop and say hi.

Isabella said...

What a kewl outfit! He looks like a hunka-hunka burnin' luuve machine. I wonder if he dates outside his breed?
Big Wags,

Sharon said...

That's my Hammer! Hammer is the light of my life and the inspiration behind Legacy Boxer Rescue.

*Little known Cubby fact: Before Cubby's moms found him at LBR, Cubby was known as Jedi. We were on a Star Wars roll at the time. :)

Cairo The Boxer said...

Long live Hammer a great boxer who has saved many lives.

Oh, and Cubby I like your name. You really are a cute cubby! Jedi did not seem like a good name for you. Your moms are smart for changing your name

Boxerlady said...

That boxer looks like one cool dude. Charlie says he wants a jacket and hat too.