A Breakthrough!

I know I promised puppy pictures, but you will just have to be patient! Why? Because I had a breakthrough!

I have lived with my moms for almost a year now, and sometimes when I was playing with a ball, they would take it and throw it away. I thought that was very mean, and I looked at them mournfully whenever they did it.

Yesterday, though, I figured it out! They wanted me to chase the ball. They were trying to play with me! We had so much fun. I ran after the ball, grabbed it, threw it in the air, and brought it back to mom. She made it squeak and threw it back to me. It was great! The moms were very excited to play with me, too. They said I was a better retriever than Dakota. It was a good thing.

Puppy pictures tomorrow, okay?


panthergirl said...

Cubby is adorable!!!!

Can you guys come visit my blog today and read about the greyhounds in need of rescue? Maybe you can cross post, or even win 100 BE credits. :)

Isabella said...

Hey Cubby! That is so exciting about your discovering the joys of retrieving! Way to go!
Big Wags,

Cairo The Boxer said...

I love playing with my parents congrats on the break through! I always knew your were very smart it the moms who did not know how to communicate with you.

aztigger09 said...

Of course you figured it out and are a better retriever than Dakota...boxers are the smartest dogs ever!