Today was Legacy Boxer Rescue's Ride to the Rescue event. There were all sorts of cool motorcycles, but I did not get to go! Mom said I could, but she backed out. She said she worried that I would be afraid of the loud bikes, but I think she just wanted all the fun to herself! I am a very brave boxer. I am indignant. There were even puppies there. I'll show you the puppy pictures tomorrow.

In the mean time, this is Strauss. He looks like a spry young guy, but he is really nine years old! I think he must dye his hair, because I am way more gray than he is, and I'm only 7ish. Mom says he must have good genes. What is wrong with MY genes? The moms keep going on and on about how handsome he is. Indignant once again.

He loves other dogs, too, so if you want to learn more about (or even adopt) Strauss, click here!

Tune in tomorrow for PUPPY PICTURES!

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Cairo The Boxer said...

Stauss is cute but Cubby your gray makes you look distinguished! You have that 007 sexy look. Stauss looks too young for me I like my boxers older!