Last night was burrito night. Mom grated some cheese on a plate (Horizon Monterrey Jack - mmmm). She went to the kitchen to wash some lettuce. The smell was tantalizing. I lifted my head and sniffed the air. The coast was clear. My front feet left the floor, but guilt overcame me, and I came back down. I tried to resist, but that smell was so wonderful. I remember once when I got a whole plateful just this way, and the memory overcomes the guilt. Just as my front paws touch the table top I hear a horrific scream! Caught! And without getting one single morsel of cheese!

The moms came in laughing (I think they were watching all along). When mom reached down to pat me, I just knew she was going to hit me. I slinked down to the ground in fear. But nobody hit me, even though I was very bad. They even gave me a sliver of cheese after dinner. Life is good. But a plate of cheese is heaven.

And since there is no picture of the terrible cheese incident, how do you like the gratuitous puppy picture? This is Cayde, and he needs a home. Shouldn't take long with that cute face!


Isabella said...

Ah, poor Cubby got caught! Drats! Don't you just hate getting caught? If I am going to get scolded I'd rather it be after I had the fun of doing something, instead getting caught before I can do it. You should've told them you weren't going to eat it, you were just checking it to make sure it didn't have any mold or anything on it before they ate it. You were just looking out for them!
Big Wags,

Cairo The Boxer said...

Sorry you got caught. Next time look at your moms with one of those staving boxer faces and they can't help but to give you a tiny piece.

Boxerlady said...

MMMMM...cheese is good!! Once my dad left a Hamburger on the counter and went to answer the phone and my sister jumped up on the counter and ate the whole thing!! My dad said that he thinks that she thought because he left it, it was for her!!

Cubby said...

You guys understand me!

The first cheese incident was right after I moved in with the moms last summer. Burrito night, again, but they didn't know me. They thought I was a good sweet boxer. I ate almost the whole plate before mom came in and saw my big flappy lips in the middle of the cheese. Ahhh, cheesy memories!

Zach said...

I would have done the same thing except I'm not tall enough to reach the table! At least you got a sliver of cheese afterwards! All I'm getting lately is carrots.

The Muttering Muse said...

A plate of cheese is heaven!