Poor me.

I was sick today. I threw up on the carpet. I was so scared because I thought I was in trouble. When mom bent down to pet me, I dropped down to the floor because I thought she was going to hit me.

I should have known she wouldn't. The moms have never hit me, but I do get scared when I think I have been bad. But mom told me I wasn't bad. She talked nice to me until I wasn't scared anymore. She let me get up in her lap and she petted me and told me I was a good boy. Usually that means I have done something she wants me to do again, but I suspect this time is different. She doesn't want me to be sick. She even made me naked in case that would help.

It must be nap time now because I am yawning. Good night everyone.


Aidana said...

Awwe... poor guy... hope you feel better soon.


Isabella said...

Ewww... I hate throwing up - all that heaving makes my sides hurt. I hope you are feeling much better now.
Big Wags,

Cairo The Boxer said...

Cubby I hope you feel better. I like it when my mom holds and pets me I always feel safe.

Dachsies Rule said...

We hope you are feeling better now. You are lucky your Moms don't hit. Our mom doesn't hit either but we think someone used to hit Sammy. If he has done something he knows is bad and she heads toward him, he gets so scared, he rolls over and starts to pee. He usually ends up in Mom's lap too. We wouldn't want to be that scared but the final outcome is worth it!

The Dachsies

Zach said...

Must have been the cheese! Hope you feel better soon.