Cubby's Story

Everyone knows that a girl boxer has to be the boss. My friend Cairo (a girl boxer) has requested that I tell you my story. So here it goes - just for Cairo.

The beginning part of my life is a mystery that I am not going to tell. Last spring, I was found running the streets of Texas with a cute girl boxer. Animal control took me to the shelter and told Legacy Boxer Rescue that we were patiently waiting there.

Legacy volunteers raced to my rescue and took me to a very nice foster home, where they named me Jedi and my friend Jinx. Jinx was not spayed, but I was already neutered. Jinx and I were best buds until she got spayed. After that, she did not like me. She even put a scar on the top of my head. Legacy decided we should be split up.

I ended up in Vasha's house with her boxers, Kaiser and Lola. I stayed there for about a month, going to pet fairs and being a perfect little gentleman. One day, we went for a long drive to meet some people and their dog. When I got there, there were two ladies and a huge fuzzy black dog waiting to meet me. Dakota (the fuzzy dog) and I had a great time playing. Then I got smart. I went up to meet one of the ladies. She got down on one knee, and I put my paws around her neck and started kissing her. I was set!

Vasha did not let me go home with the ladies, though. I had to have a tumor taken off my neck first. It took a whole week, and I had to go to another pet fair. Fortunately, the ladies picked me up at the pet fair, bought me a cute blue harness, and took me home. Since I didn't answer to Jedi, they didn't feel bad about changing my name to Cubby (the smallest and cutest Mouseketeer - or named for the Chicago Cubs if they ever have a good year).

And that is the story of how I came to live with the mommies and Dakota. They suspect I was out on the streets a little while because I always want to check out the trash in the street and in the dumpsters. I also have a crooked back leg and scars on my neck and legs. I'll never tell the real story. My good life started the day that Legacy saved me! To repay them, I convinced the moms to start helping out with other boxers who needed help.

Now go make a donation to Legacy for saving your buddy Cubby. Be sure to tell them I sent you!


Cairo The Boxer said...

Cubby, Thank you for telling your wonderful story. I will be sure to tell mom and dad to donate money to your wonderful group. I had no idea you were a rescue. I thought you were just like me a puppymill dog. I am so glad you found a great forever home.

Did your parents have boxers before? Well they could not have picked a better boxer, or should I say you could not have picked better parents.

Cairo The Boxer said...

by the way how old are you?

Dachsies Rule said...


We love your story. We are from a rescue group too so we understand how great it is to find a forever home. We just don't understand what we did at our first homes that made them not want us any more. Mom says we just had to go through it so she could find us and love us the rest of our lives.

Sammy & Andy

Isabella said...

What a great story, Cubby! Almost like a fairy tale. I am so glad Legacy saved you, and found you such a terrific forever home. A great dog like you deserves a wonderful and caring family.
Big Wags,

threecollie said...

Thanks for sharing your story. It is truly heartwarming.
Four of our dogs were purchased, because we needed dogs to help us in our work (from reputable breeders of course) but quirky little Sadie came from the shelter and was a wonderful companion to the boss's mom before she passed away. Even though we needed a fifth dog like...well you can imagine...I promised her a home forever and she has one. Our middle daughter has adopted her and takes her on long leash walks around the fields and farm roads. Even though she is lucky enough to be a country dog, she has issues with killing chickens and chasing cows, so the leash is quite necessary.

Cairo The Boxer said...

Cubby, mom just donated to your wonderful rescue org. Thanks

Cubby said...

Thanks Cairo! You and your parents are so generous! The boxers in Texas thank you!

Cairo The Boxer said...

Sorry we could not give more! I went to the vet yesterday and it was $411.00

Cubby, you see I am a puppymill dog with LOTS of problems! But hopefully my illnesses are are gone and I can have a great healthy year.

Aidana said...

I wanted to let you know I've added you to my links lists on all three of my blogs.


Zach said...

Dude - you are one lucky dog! You are just where you are supposed to be! My sister was a pound dog. I was rescued too - but just from my Mom's adult daughter. She kept me caged up for a zillion hours a day and then complained when I didn't listen. I had too much ENERGY!!!! So when I was 5 months old I went to live with Mom and Dad and I'm happy now. No more cages for me!