Lola and Luki

It's been a very busy weekend for the moms, trying to get a home for cute Lola (she's the one in front). They picked her up from her foster mom and took her to meet Luki (the guy in the back). Those two had the best time (while I was home alone...hmmmph) chasing each other around the yard and mouth wrestling. They finally wore each other out.

Then the moms took Lola to the adoption fair on Saturday, while Luki's parents were deciding if Lola was the dog for them. Lola was very good and met lots of lovely people.

Luki's parents decided Saturday night that Lola was right for them, so the moms went and picked Lola up and brought her to her forever home (while I stayed home alone again)!

Yeah! I love happy endings!


Cairo The Boxer said...

Hurray! Another happy ending. Tell your mom great work! And HAPPY mothers day. I know you have great moms :)

Boxerlady said...

YEAH!! Another boxer has a home!!! My mommy saved me and my sister too!! (but my sister is a lab) Rescuing a doggie is a good thing!!

threecollie said...

Great photo of the dogs playing and a wonderful happy ending too! I am glad.