Goodbye Babies

It has been a sad month for Legacy Boxer Rescue. We have saved many boxers over the past two years, but this month we have lost four. So long, you beautiful boxers. We loved you so much.

Maverick (the beautiful white boy) was lost shortly after finding his forever home. It was a very sad day.

Angel was just barely here for a few days before she was lost to the world.

Molly struggled for so long, fighting hard for her life, but her fight was too much for her, and we lost her.

Cute little Simon got dreadfully sick only days after he was found by Legacy. Too bad we couldn't get to him sooner.


Dachsies Rule said...

It is indeed a sad day. At least their last days were with people who cared and gave them the best they could. They have the same problem at Dachshund Rescue and Mom always gets sad (like she is right now for your four) but it reminds her why they do what they do. Maverick, Angel, Molly and Simon have crossed over the rainbow bridge now.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

cube said...

This is a heartbreaking post. I wish people were nicer to animals, but considering what they do to humans, it isn't surprising, is it?

Thank goodness for the work you guys do. One at a time will have to do.

Cairo The Boxer said...

sniff sniff. What a sad thing! Simon looked just like me. How could humans be so heartless? Cubby thank you for everything you do. I know they all went to heaven where no one could hurt them again.

Socks, Abby and Blackie said...

That is sad, but at least they were loved in the end. And they are now playing in the sunshine, over the Rainbow Bridge

~ Socks

Isabella said...

So sad that any life has to suffer and be cut short. All the bad stuff that happens in the world can sure seem overwhelming sometimes. You just have to make yourself think about all the wonderful dogs you have helped give new lives. Without your hard work, love and hope, they wouldn't have gotten that chance. You truly do make a difference!
Big Wags,

Boxerlady said...

Look at those sweet boxer faces.....:(
As many abused and mistreated animals I see it still amazes me how someone can treat them like that.
Many Hugs and Thanks for all you do.
Charlie, Coco and Laura

Bonnie said...

It is so sad that you have lost so many. It's hard to watch them struggle when we want so much more for these loves

Carina said...

Aww, Jeez. What a sad post, but reality. Sigh. I'm gonna go hug my dogs now.
Thank doG for everyone who helps rescue, foster and be kind to animals that other people throw away. Thank you all.

Corsarius said...

dog lover here. this is sad post, but my heart is gladdened that there are people like you who sacrifice great time and effort to help these poor animals. God bless and more power to you guys.

threecollie said...

What a sad thing. Poor dogs. Glad at least that folks are trying to give them homes.

Dana said...

Godspeed you Boxer angels! On another note, Cubby, I love your blog. This is my first visit. It is much better than any human blog I have ever read.

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