Blast from the Past

See what happens when you try to put a lei on Dakota? I was a gentleman when they put it on me! Oh - look Cairo! No harness! Beware of naked boxer!

Today I had a weird experience! The moms drove me a very long way, and we went to the PetsMart, but we stayed for a long time. Then people started showing up with cages and boxers, and I got a bad feeling. I did not want to sit outside in those cages while people came by and looked at me! I've done that before...

Then I got to see a lady that I knew a long time ago. I got to see Sharon, the fearless leader of Legacy Boxer Rescue. She told me that the moms tell great stories about me - they better watch themselves... Sharon has missed me a lot, I could tell. OK, I missed her, too. She has saved so many boxers, she is my hero!

Then I got to go to my Grammy's house and play with my daschie cousin, Dude and his daschie friend, Angel. Angel did not like me. She was scared of me and barked when I went up to her. I thought she was pretty. Daschies are my favorite dogs.

I got to poop in Grammy's ivy - twice! I love that ivy! Also, my favorite college student, Ashley, was there. She doesn't like me - she says I slobber too much and I'm too big - but she petted the top of my head.

Then we went back to PetsMart again, and I got to see Vasha, my old foster mom. How appropriate for Mother's Day weekend! She said that I looked good. She misses me, too. She saved my life and helped me find my moms!

Happy Mother's Day Eve!


Cairo The Boxer said...

Cubby you look good naked! I love the white neck.

I did not know that you were a rescue! I would love to hear your story. Could you post the story sometime?

threecollie said...

I didn't know that Cubby was a rescue either. I have had the greatest respect for rescue groups ever since we caught a stray chow (simply by closing the dog run door, as he was in one of the houses sleeping).
He had been eating our chickens and wa

threecollie said...

(Sorry, browser acting up.) He tried to bite the dog warden who came to take him to a local vet who harbors strays (although he quite liked me). He was taken in by chow rescue within hours and a fine home found for him. I was very impressed by that.

Absolut said...

Hi, your blog has been added to the Top 10 Sources Cat Blogs site (http://dogs.toptensources.com/TopTenSources/Default.aspx). I would like to send you a congratulatory email, but I cannot find your email anywhere! Please email me at natasha@toptensources.com. Thanks so much for blogging about your very cute dogs!