Buddy Needs Surgery

It's been a busy week, but I'm back! See this cute guy? It's not me, it's Buddy!

Buddy was taken to a shelter to die because his owners couldn't afford surgery to repair a ruptured ligament in his leg.

The surgery is called TPLO and can only be done by a specialist. Sadly, the surgical centers in our area will not offer a discount for rescues and won't let us pay them out, so he has to wait a little while for the surgery. The surgery will be between $2600 and $2700 dollars.

But Legacy Boxer Rescue could not let poor Buddy be euthanized in a cold shelter, scared and alone. We are raising money for his surgery. He is waiting impatiently at his foster home, because he REALLY want to play with his new foster sister! He is a sweetheart. Help him out. Donate for Buddy's surgery today!

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Isabella said...

Poor Buddy! Sounds like he has the same thing wrong as my friend, Chani. I hope he gets the surgery he needs and then a really great forever home.
Big Wags,