Thanks so much to three of my favorite dog bloggers! These three gave a donation to our boxer rescue group, Legacy Boxer Rescue!

That cute fawn boxer is Cairo. Cairo played in the World Cup this weekend. She is my first blogger buddy. Thanks Cairo!

The two cute labs are Charlie and Opy. They each have their own blogs, plus they keep a list of other Dogs with Blogs so it's easy for us to find each other. Charlie is the pretty golden one. Opy is the black one, who is sick right now, so be sure to go visit her blog. Opy is on a diet like Dakota, so Charlie and I must suffer like brave boys for our chunky sisters.

Thanks everyone! We are less than $100 away from paying for both surgeries, thanks to you three! It's amazing to me that dogs from Australia and California are helping dogs in Texas. Isn't the blog world great?


Peter Matthes said...

I like Charlie.

MJ's doghouse said...

can you tell me how to make a donation if I am incompetent at teh whole paypal thing? I would love to help out. Thanks...